Jon Coughlin

Developer of Light-Hearted Flight Simulations


Jon Coughlin


I am an independent game developer from Madison, Wisconsin. I have eight years of experience working as an aerospace engineer, where my specialty was developing flight simulations. I started developing games in 2013 as a hobby, and have been working professionally in games since 2017.

I am interested in collaborating with teams pushing the state of the art in accessible flight and narrative in video games. 

I am also a husband, father, a high school soccer coach, and a School Board member in Stoughton, WI. 


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twitter: @clicktozoom

twitch: JonMakesGames

My games are short, narrative-heavy experiences. My professional expertise is in developing physics-focused flight simulations, and my creative outlet is storytelling. The most polished of my work are all parodies of major video game franchises.

The Eyes of Cheatin Hitman

Agent 47 is tasked with eliminating Lippy, a crooked union boss, at an awards show in Baraboo, Wisconsin. 

A first-person parody of the Hitman series. An expanded version of a game made for Wizard Jam 4.

Space Governor Bradford

Governor Bradford is up for election. Has has a lot of doors to knock on. 

Made with five people on Train Jam 2017. The jam theme was "unexpected anticipation."


The Eyes of Luigi

Luigi is looking for his brother Mario when a door locks behind him. Shuffle through Mario's trophies and fan mail in search of the key that will help you unlock his bedroom door. 

A first-person parody of Luigi's Mansion made for Wizard Jam 3.

Jonathon A. Coughlin


Join a small, fun professional game development team on which I can help advance the state-of-the-art in play


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN                                                                              May 2009

Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering                                                             GPA: 3.7


Highly proficient in representation of real-world physical phenomena through modeling and simulation

Strong foundation in 3D Newtonian physics and aerospace principles including but not limited to:

  • Vectors, coordinate systems and transformations, forces/moments/mass properties

  • Rotation dynamics including Euler and quaternion representations of rotation states

  • Guidance algorithms and autopilot design

Software Proficiencies

  • Languages: C#, C++, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Matlab/SIMULINK

  • Tools: Unity, Visual Studio, Blender, Sketchbook, GIMP, CAD, Git, Mercurial, SVN

  • Extensive knowledge of Windows-based and UNIX-based platforms

Independent Game Development in Unity C#

Unannounced Helicopter Game with Flippfly - june 2017 - Present

  • Built accessible, grounded helicopter flight dynamics and control scheme

  • Gameplay and physics programming for props and machinery in physics sandbox

  • Dynamic, optimized fire, buoyancy, aerodynamics simulations

The Eyes of Cheatin Hitman – 3 Months, Independent

  • Featured at Glitchcon 2017 as a part of Minnecade

  • Linear first-person narrative with semi-real world parodying an existing franchise

  • Character design, world-building, and VO writing, acting, and directing

  • Comedy designed into writing, art, level design & scripting, animation

  • Custom cinematic toolset & cinematic directing/scripting

Aerospace Engineering & Management Experience - 10 Years

Aerospace Engineer – Dynetics, Inc.
Huntsville, AL     
2009 – 2014

Missile Modeling, Simulation & Analysis – 5 years

  • Developed, maintained and exercised 6-DOF simulations of missiles ranging in class from shoulder-launched to anti-satellite

  • Characterized missile performance against a wide range of threats using Monte Carlo techniques and parallel processing computer clusters

  • Modeled diverse sets of ground/air/space-based targets capable of evasive maneuvering

Project Management – 3 years

  • Led teams of 2-4 engineers on projects developing simulations and performing analysis, often working with our customer to refine requirements and validating our product against those requirements upon delivery

  • Served as technical point of contact with customers, maintained day-to-day communication

  • Estimated project costs and crafted technical responses to proposal requests

Flight Test Support & Application Development – 2 years

  • Member of flight test team, deploying several times per year for up to two weeks per deployment, modifying/exercising simulation to plan flight tests, predict and verify hardware performance, and diagnose flight test anomalies in a high stress environment

  • Designed GUI for real-time flight test software, compressing a wealth of hardware health and status data into a collection of only the most mission critical flags, numbers, and graphics.

  • Engineered tools to automatically process flight test data, replicate real-world performance within 6-DOF simulation, and generate plots for quick-look report

  • Designed test-range safety analysis package to communicate risks associated with all feasible test article failure modes

  • Presented flight test quick-look reports and findings to customers within hours of test events

Rocket Engineer – Orbital Technologies Corporation
Madison, WI      2014 – 2016, 2017 - Current

Rocket Test Facility Software Development

  • Leading development on an in-house test facility monitoring and operation software package (C#)

  • Software runs five rocket test cells, ranging in thrust capability from pounds to tens of thousands of pounds

Rocket Engine and Spacecraft Simulation & Analysis

  • Scaled and positioned control systems on conceptual space launch vehicles

  • Built and exercised node-based simulations of rocket engine test facilities and rocket engines

  • CFD lead and mechanical design support on spacecraft air-conditioner design team

  • Sized thermal rejection systems for an inflatable spacecraft

*PDF resume and references available upon request